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For future generation, we need Peace Education

One of HWPL’s peace initiatives is Peace Education. Children can learn about leadership, power of execution, and strong spirit by Peace education. By teaching Peace to children, who are future generation, HWPL obtain excellent results of Peace. Also, 142 schools from 10 countries signed MOU with HWPL and began Peace Education.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think Peace can be maintained with adults’ voice without teaching children? Then what will happened when future generation grown up without knowing the importance of Peace? Do you think Peace can be kept? To maintain the Peace forever, it is important to teach children who will be future generation. Children are leader of future so they need to know about peace. Also, Peace can be the best and valuable legacy for children (future generation)

Do you want Peace last forever? If you agree with it, the Peace Education is the answer. Please provide Peace Education to children so that they can live in peaceful world.

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